dale mcdaniel watts

I recently painted the Eiffel Tower and loved working on it! What a beautiful site. I also enjoyed hearing customers' stories when they purchased the prints and ornaments. Proposals, honeymoons, class trips, graduation gifts, family vacations, even "home" to a few customers on Etsy...

In 2019, I'd like to work on more big cities and sites. Tell me what you'd like to see!

* great for wedding, birthday and holiday gifts!

let me draw for you

   Think back and remember the first time that art made an impression on you. Was it a book of masterpieces on your grandmother’s coffee table? An art exhibit at the local high school? Maybe it was something more simple and personal – a discovery of crayons and paper with a favorite teacher. What you’re thinking about now is a visual memory. It’s a beautiful impression that has been with you over the years and reminds you of something that you still think is wonderful and maybe even amazing.

i need your help

​​home portraits

   Art has that effect on us. Perhaps it’s a simple appreciation of what the artist creates. A photograph can render an image, but an artist’s drawing or painting transmits the life that exists in a flower, the color of a sunset, or the imperfections in an old building that give it character and history. In a way different from any other media, visual art creates a lasting impression that is valuable beyond the object that is presented.

   Just as art makes our memories, it can also preserve them. That’s where I come in. My name is Dale McDaniel Watts, and I create visual memories. I start with pen and ink drawings and overlay a watercolor wash to produce an artistic image of a place you love – a landmark, a business, a home. Would you like a visual memory of a place that’s special to you?

   Browse my website and you’ll get a feel for the memories I’ve captured. There are galleries on most of the pages. If you see a painting you like, follow the links to my Etsy shop. You’ll find framed art, prints, notecards, and other products for sale. I also work with colleges, businesses and individuals to create original paintings and unique products that they can use for gifts or offer for sale to their alumni and patrons. Let me draw for you!