dale mcdaniel watts


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Colleges + Universities

   Time spent at college is not only for academic growth but for growing as a person and building relationships and memories.  I appreciate the education I was given and treasure my college memories. I love to draw the stately old buildings on campus - the spires of Mercer University, Emory’s clock tower, the Carillon at Furman.

   My art is reproduced as prints, coasters, ornaments and keepsake items that are perfect for bookstores and for gifts to alumni and donors. If your college or university is looking for a memorable gift to use for a capital campaign or for a unique “thank you” for valued supporters, I’d love to talk with you about a limited edition just for your college or university. Take a look at the examples in the gallery below. My art and many more of the products I sell are also available at my Etsy shop.