dale mcdaniel watts


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Faith Chapel – Jekyll Island, GA


   Fabulous architecture and varied historical sites give me lots to work with and make me appreciate growing up in the South. I’ve spent a lot of time drawing the landmarks of my beautiful hometown, Macon, GA. But for one cannonball fired across the Ocmulgee River, Macon was undamaged during the Civil War.  I’d encourage you to visit, and you can see some of my paintings of our antebellum landmarks in the gallery below.

   My watercolors are available in the gift shops of many of Macon’s attractions, and I’d welcome the opportunity to do a commissioned work for your community or historic site. The finished work can be reproduced as notecard sets, on totebags and t-shirts, and other gift items that make great keepsakes for your visitors and profitable items for sale in your gift shop. Take a look at some examples of landmark watercolors and products in the gallery below. My art and many of the products I sell are also available at my Etsy shop.