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Jack & Darcy, Milledgeville, GA

Promote Your Business or Your Church

   Looking for a new way to promote your business? How about a painting or drawing of your building or storefront? There’s a lot of charm to brick and mortar, especially if your business is located in a quaint downtown or a unique shopping area. Why not capture your business image with art?

   A painting or drawing of your business makes a unique gift to valued customers and vendors, marking your appreciation and leaving them with a memento of a good experience. My paintings and drawings can be reproduced on promotional items – tote bags, t-shirts, coasters, and Christmas ornaments – suitable for incentives or seasonal gifts.

   For churches, a commissioned watercolor can be used in so many ways. Congregation members will treasure a print of their church home. A personal note from the pastor on a church notecard will be kept and appreciated. Products featuring the art can be offered for sale in the church bookstore or used in fundraising projects or capital campaigns.

   Please get in touch to find out more about commissioning a watercolor for your church or business!